William Capstick

Academic Board

William heads the Academic Board for the college. He has been an experienced lecturer/tutor at several UK Universities for more than 30 years and has also lectured in several African Universities. William is involved as an International Educational Consul

Bola Makinde

Chief Executive

Bola is also a non practicing Solicitor and Member of the Law Society of England and Wales. As a solicitor, Bola specialises in Employment Law and Immigration Law. However, he has been involved in education and training since the early 1990's in the Unite

Judith Brightwell

Head of Administration

Head of Administration - Judith is also the IUFP International co-ordinator. Her professional experience was gained largely from her former career as a civil servant. She has also done some historical research and worked briefly as a court logger. She is

Dr. Steve Cook

Head of English Department

Head of English Department - Steve has used his language and linguistic skills in his work as a journalist, translator, interpreter and teacher. He has a great deal of experience teaching English to speakers of other languages gained in this country and a

Suresh Karanjeet

Director of Operations

Suresh is the Director of operations at LCBL. He has vast experience of working with institutions that have executed and courses under the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). He has over the years led teams that have excelled in the delivery of funded courses ra

Anil Godhawale

Director of Project Control & Management

Anil has over two decades of experience in Project Controls in corporate and field offices offering him diverse and in-depth exposure to implementation of Project Controls on a range of complex and megaprojects (Oil & Gas- upstream and downstream, CCU’s

Agney Kumar Das

Lead Lecturer

Agney brings over 10 years of experience in planning, project controls, PMO setup and monitoring, governance, project coordination, system integration, risk management for capital projects. He has vast experience in working on various phases of complex ca